Celebrating Italian Artisanship BSA Collection


“...and it always gets me thinking about the infinite possibilities of art: give someone a 20x20 square and, though over the centuries people have delighted themselves coming up with endless different designs - there’s always room for one more, there’s always room for your design...”

Gio Ponti

Inspired by the ancient manufacturing tradition of the Amalfi Coast and the inestimable cultural heritage that surrounds the area, we have collaborated with the best local artisans to make Borgo Santandrea a truly “Made in Italy showcase”.


View from Room 501

Gifted craftsmen and artists created 31 different types of handmade and hand-painted tiles inspired by the ancestral geometry found in nearby Pompeii, Herculaneum and Cuma, modern design and the acclaimed Italian designer Gio Ponti’s vision.