Marinella Private Beach


Our private beach is a highlight of your stay. One of the few hotels on the Amalfi Coast with a private beach that is for the exclusive use of our guests. Reached by a stroll through our gardens or by elevator from the top of the hotel, this is a wonderful haven to enjoy the crystal-clear sea.
Beach Club: Available from the opening date, April 18th, equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, towels and water sports.
The Beach Bar and Restaurant accommodate your every wish, so you have no need to leave your private beach.

The private pier of Borgo Santandrea allows to you to travel by sea, to explore the most beautiful places in the area like Amalfi, Positano, Capri, Paestum and Ischia by boat.


View from Room 501

The comfort of sunbeds by the water and a team of people looking after you will make it difficult to leave the beach.

Dishes inspired by tradition, prepared with skill using excellent local ingredients.


No need to leave your place on the beach.

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Please send us your request to check availability of your spot at Marinella Beach Club.

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Beach Club

A wonderful private beach of white pebbles washed by a crystal clear sea, with restaurant and bar service directly under your parasol.

our suites are suffused with light

the very essence of la dolce vita